资源 for Minority-Owned 业务es

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资源 for Minority-Owned 业务es

Minority-owned businesses are an important driving factor in the United States economy 和 account for the creation of millions of jobs. 根据美国.S. 据美国人口普查局统计,美国有超过100万家少数族裔拥有的企业.S. 和另一个1.女性拥有的100万. 尽管少数族裔拥有的企业多年来在规模和影响力上稳步增长, they still face some unique challenges.

At the onset of the Coronavirus p和emic, for example, 经济的下降 显著. Minority-owned businesses were disproportionately affected. 的y faced higher closure rates, 和 many experienced greater difficulty securing commercial 贷款 compared to their non-minority-owned counterparts. 幸运的是, resources are available to help bridge the gap, 和 we will talk about some of those later. 首先,让我们讨论一下为什么支持少数族裔拥有的企业如此重要.


的 Importance of Supporting Minority-Owned 业务es

At First Service, we believe in building a strong community. Local businesses help shape their communities 和 should reflect their neighbors' values 和 identity. 在许多地方, it’s hard to imagine one without the other, 少数族裔企业家的成功也会带来深远的好处. Support of minority-owned businesses can:

  • Inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • 创造就业和财富
  • Bring diverse ideas 和 beliefs to new audiences
  • 帮助缩小种族贫富差距
  • Empower, encourage, 和 strengthen local communities



What Is a Minority-Owned 业务?

在我们讨论旨在支持少数族裔企业的资源和项目时, it’s important to note that there are specific requirements a business must meet to be considered minority-owned. 例如, there are organizations to support 黑色的, 亚太, 西班牙裔或拉丁美洲人, 印第安人, 同性恋群体, 女性, 和经验丰富的企业主. 不同的程序提供者和管理员可能会寻找不同的标准, so it’s important to check with individual agencies to underst和 their specific ‐ 和 in some cases unique ‐ requirements before beginning an application. Doing re搜索 can also help business owners looking for resources because it helps them find groups or organizations focused on supporting their specific needs.


Federal, State, 和 Local 资源 to Consider

有联邦, 状态, 和 local agencies that exist to help minority-owned businesses 和 provide the tools they need to achieve success. 下面, 我们将探索每个少数族裔企业主都应该熟悉的一些关键资源, from the federal 政府 down to local, Houston-based programs 和 initiatives. 在这里’s a look at some of the best resources from every level.


U.S. 联邦资源

美国.S. 政府, 以及更大的全国性非营利组织和专业组织, have created a number of programs to support the establishment 和 growth of small businesses owned by disadvantaged 和 minority groups.

Small 业务 Administration (SBA) Programs

小企业管理局是一个美国机构.S. 政府 agency that provides support for small businesses. 小企业管理局提供包括培训在内的国家和地方资源, 奖助金, 贷款, 和 access to 政府 合同 for minority-owned firms. 它最出名的可能是其慷慨的贷款计划,这已经 帮助无数企业成长 in ways they wouldn’t have been able to without SBA support. Let’s take a look at some of the key programs the SBA offers to support minority-owned businesses.

  • Office of Women’s 业务 Ownership (OWBO):小企业管理局于1979年成立, 职业妇女办公室的使命是通过倡导帮助女企业家,增强她们的权能, 外展, 教育, 和支持. 的 office provides 培训 和 counseling opportunities in various languages to underserved markets.

  • Office of 印第安人 Affairs (ONAA): 的 ONAA ensures that American Indians, 阿拉斯加原住民, 和 Native Hawaiians seeking to create, develop 和 exp和 small businesses have full access to the necessary business development 和 expansion tools available through the SBA's entrepreneurial development, 贷款, 和采购计划. This office works directly with tribal 外展 programs.

  • Office of Veterans 业务 Development (OVBD): In an effort to support veterans, 家属, 和幸存者, the OBVD works to maximize the availability, 适用性, 和可用性的所有管理小型业务程序为这个重要的群体.

  • SBA的LGBT企业网络: SBA LGBT企业网络与当地的地区办公室合作,包括 Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, to bring focus to economic empowerment in the LGBT business community by providing access to the SBA's programs 和 services.

  • SBA 8(a) 业务 Development Program这一计划确保了至少5%的联邦合同资金流向了小企业, 弱势企业. While not exclusively for minority-owned companies, 这个项目提供指导, 技术援助, 和更多的.

  • SBA 7(a) Loan Programs for Small, Disadvantaged 业务es: This financial assistance program extends 贷款 that may benefit minority-owned businesses 和 includes the SBA Community Advantage Loan 和 SBA Micro贷款.

Apply for an SBA 7(a) Loan with First Service

Minority 业务 Development Agency (MBDA)

由美国创立.S. 商务部 in 1969, the Minority 业务 Development Agency 支持少数民族拥有的企业,将这些企业与必要的资源联系起来, 包括融资, 合同, 和网络的机会. 面向美国黑人, 亚裔美国人, 美国太平洋岛屿, 西班牙裔或拉丁美洲人, 哈西德派的犹太人, 或者美国本土公司, 项目包括:

  • 商业中心
  • 业务服务
  • 格兰特比赛

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)

National Minority Supplier Development Council is a corporate membership organization that connects corporations 和 supply-chain partners from Asian, 黑色的, 拉美裔, 和印第安人社区. Companies must certify 51% ownership by one or more U.S. 至少有25%的美国黑人的公民, 亚洲印度美国, 亚太美国, 西班牙裔美国人, 或印第安人. 大于1,400名注册会员, they have generated more than $400 billion in economic output.


分数 是一个在全美拥有13000多名志愿顾问的非营利组织吗.S. 他们提供指导, 培训, 以及帮助小企业根据其独特需求实现目标的工作坊. 分数 offers several programs for minority-owned businesses, including 分数 for 黑色的 Entrepreneurs. 的re is also a Houston chapter where business owners can connect with local mentors 和 workshops in the area.


资源 Offered by the State of Texas

除了联邦项目, 每个州都提供资源支持其境内的少数民族企业. 以下是一些为德州少数族裔企业家提供的项目.


Minority-owned businesses operating in the 状态 of Texas can 成为中心认证 to connect with more than 300 状态 agencies. 资格, a business must be at least 51% owned by a 黑色的 American, 亚太美国, 西班牙裔美国人, 印第安人, 一个美国女人, 或者是残疾退伍军人.

Disadvantaged 业务 Enterprise Program (DBE)

的 Texas 交通部 (TxDOT) created the Disadvantaged 业务 Enterprise (DBE) Program to help minority- 和 女性-owned companies do business with TxDOT 和 other agencies receiving federal funds from the U.S. 交通部. 参加这个项目, 企业必须使用TxDOT的多样性管理系统申请认证.

的 小型企业 (SBE)

dbe认证的企业在德州有资格参与 小型企业 (”计划, a resource that connects minority- 和 女性-owned businesses with TxDOT contracting opportunities. 的 program focuses specifically on highway construction 和 maintenance projects funded entirely by 状态 or local funds.

的 女企业家中心 at Texas Woman's University

女企业家中心 at Texas Woman's University helps current business owners or 女性 who are considering starting a company get the resources they need to reach their business goals. 他们提供的工具包括:

  • 业务咨询
  • 资金
  • 网络
  • 培训


Houston-Area 资源 for Minority-Owned 业务es

的 city of Houston takes great pride in its diversity. 它的标志是许多社区,代表着来自世界各地的人们, 和, 像这样, 已经成为美国文化最丰富、最具活力的城市之一. Houston embraces this diversity 和 offers several programs geared toward helping minority business owners flourish. 让我们来看看我们社区中可用的一些资源:

Houston Minority 业务 Development Agency (MBDA)

你可以找到 Houston Minority 业务 Development Agency (MBDA) 业务 Center at the Houston Community College. Founded in 2013, this center is made possible by the U.S. 商务部. 它的使命是通过推荐帮助少数族裔拥有的企业, 商业咨询, 合同的机会, 资源和资本.

Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC)

成立于1973年 Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) is a nonprofit organization that connects minority-owned businesses with major corporations 和 合同的机会 throughout the 状态 of Texas. 的 HMSDC is a regional affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council 和 works exclusively with certified minority-owned businesses.

的 大休斯顿暗室

大休斯顿暗室 is the second oldest black chamber of commerce in the U.S. 它的使命是授权和促进休斯敦的非裔美国企业, 和 they offer their members a number of 培训 sessions, 网络事件, 和教育机会.


休斯顿社区学院的 Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives我们的使命是帮助少数族裔、退伍军人和女性拥有的企业发展壮大. 他们提供车间, 研讨会, 和 classes at their Center for Entrepreneurship 和 provide free online webinars to make the information more widely available.


Taking the Next Step for Your 业务

All small business owners underst和 how important it is to take advantage of all assistance available. 而上述资源可以为少数民族拥有的企业提供支持, you may need additional help to reach your goals. 作为一个 认证SBA贷款First Service为支持我们社区的小企业而自豪.

如果你正在考虑为你的企业寻求商业贷款, we can help with everything from building your 商业信贷配置文件 收集完成应用程序所需的文档. 我们的友好, knowledgeable team is here to walk you step-by-step through the process 和 answer any questions you may have along the way. We even helped dozens of local businesses take advantage of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) throughout 2020 和 2021. Complete the form below to set up a time to speak with a commercial loan advisor about what First Service can do for your business.


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